LED Street Lighting

We have a range of relaible LED street lighting lanterns that are perfect for street lighting, parks, car parks and many other locations.
C&R Outdoor Lighting has many years of experience in the industry, you are sure to find a suitable LED lighting lantern with us. For more advice and assistance in choosing the right product for home or business, please call us on 01923 269474 or email us at info@crlighting.co.uk

CR Solar Smart

Picture of CR Solar Smart
Solar Street lighting lantern.



Picture of CR LUZ LED
Post Top Amenity Lantern



Picture of CR JADE LED
The Jade LED Lantern ideal for car parks, footpaths and lighting of road ways


CR PEARL LED - Sale while stocks last

Picture of CR PEARL LED - Sale while stocks last
CR Pearl LED 66 watt post top mounting. SALE WHILE STOCKS LAST


Amersham LED Lantern

Picture of Amersham LED Lantern
Amersham LED Post Top Sphere 76mm post top mounting


Chesham LED Lantern

Picture of Chesham LED Lantern
Chesham LED Post Top Lantern 76mm Post Top Mounting

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